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1. Crop Varieties

Cashew Cultivators Recommended for Different States of India

State Cultivators Recommended Progeny
Karnataka Selection 1 VTH-107/3
Selection 2 VTH-40/1
Ullal 1 8/46 Taliparamba
Ullal 2 3/67 Guntur
Ullal 3 5/37 Manjeri
Ullal 4 2/77 Tuni: Andhra
UN 50 2/27 Nileshwar
VRI 1 M-10/4
VRI 2 M-44/3
Vengurla 1 Ansur-1
Vengurla 4 Mid Red x Vetore 56
Chintamani 1 8/46 Taliparamba
Kerala Madakkathara 1 BLA-39-4
Madakkathara 2 NDR 2-1
K-22-1 22 Kottarakkara
Dhana ALGD-1-1 x K 30-1
Priyanka BLA-139-1 x K 30-1
Maharashtra and Goa Vengurla-1 Ansur-1
Vengurla-4 Mid Red x Vetore-56
Vengurla-6 Vetore 56 x Ansur-1
Tamil Nadu VRI-1 M 10/4
VRI-2 M 44/3
VRI-3 M 26/2
Andhra Pradesh BPP-4 EPM 9/8
BPP-6 T No.56
BPP-8 T No.1 x T No. 39
VRI-2 M 44/3
Orissa VRI-2 M 44/3
Bhubaneshvar-1 Vengurla 36/3
West Bengal Jhargram-1 T No. 16 of Bapatla
Madhya Pradesh T No. 40
Vengurla 4 Mid Red x Vetore-56

2. Production, Export & Import Statistics:

  • 1. Cashew Growers are happy with good prices for the commodity but processors are facing anxious moments.
  • 2. A farmer who sold at Rs. 40-45 per Kg. in the last season now gets around Rs. 80-85 per Kg. This year crop is late by 4 to 5 weeks.
  • 3. The Horticultural Research Station of the University of Horticultural Sciences in Mangalore recommended the cultivation of NDR 2-1 variety of cashew in costal Karnataka. The variety released by the Cashew Research Station of Kerala Agricultural University was studied for 10 years in Ulal Research Station before recommending the Variety for cultivation in Coastal Karnataka. The average yield of Cashew Nut in this Variety is 21.4 kg. a tree and the seed size of this crop is also good.
  • 4. Indian Exports of Cashew Kernels have ranged between 1 to 1.15 lakhs tonnes. The average price fell to Rs. 268 /- Kg. from Rs. 277 a year ago.
  • 5. For the Year 2009 -2010 India Exported 1, 08, 12 Metric Tonnes valued Rs. 3000 crores.
  • 6. Indian imported 7, 52,854 tonnes of Raw Cashew Nuts during the 2009 -2010. The average cost of imported raw cashew is Rs. 40 /- Kg.


  • 1. Maharashtra tops in raw nut production followed by Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Goa.
  • 2. According to the Directorate of Cashew and Cocoa Development, under Ministry of Agriculture, an estimated 8.7 lakh hectares are under Cashew cultivation.
  • 3. An estimated four lakh tonnes of Cashew Kernel is produced in the country out of which, 2.5 lakh tonnes (2/3 of India Production) is consumed in India
  • 4. The other major consumers are the U.S., E.U, Japan, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore & Middle East Countries.
  • 5. The world Cashew Kernel consumption is put at about 5.2 lakhs tonnes in 2010.
  • 6. Cashew Kernel contains 47% Fat, 22% of Carbo- Hydrates & has rich source of Minerals like Phosphorus & Iron. Nutritionally they standards for with Milk , Eggs and Meat


  • May to July


  • 1. Vietnam
  • 2. India
  • 3. Nigeria
  • 4. Cote d'Ivoire
  • 5. Brazil


  • 1. The Domestic Cashew Industry requires around 1.2 Million Tonnes of Raw of Cashew a year to meet Export & Domestic Demand. At present Domestic output meets less than 50% of the requirement.
  • 2. India is also major importer of raw cashew nuts for meeting its processing needs and for export obligations from West Africa.
  • 3. Kollam District in Kerala is the Cashew capital of the country.



Standard specifications for Indian Cashew Kernels for Export have been laid down by Govt. of India under the Export (Quality Control & Inspection) Act 1963. The Act prescribed 33 different grades of Cashew Kernels. Only 25 grades are commercially available and export.

Prices quoted in dollar per lb for the top grade varieties. Approximate.

Name U.S $
W240 4.30
W320 3.80
W450 3.65

3. Crop Technical

Life Cycle of Cashew - Click Here

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