The trade pattern in cashew in the world suggests that 8 to 9 million cartons of cashews are traded in the world in an year. The main countries that constitute the world cashew exporting list are
SL.No Country
1 India (4.5 million cartons)
2 Vietnam (2.3 million cartons)
3 Brazil (1.75 million cartons)
4 Tanzania
5 Ghana
India contributes to over half of the world cashew exports. Vietnam gives a tough competition to India in the world market as it is the largest cashew producing nation of the world but still India is ahead in this scenario.
Vietnam plans to take over India's dominance. Due to a large consumption level of this seed in the world, there is a long list of cashew importing countries, dominated by United States.
Following are the major importing countries of cashew kernels.
SL.No Country
1 United States of America (4.5 million cartons)
2 European Union (2 million cartons)
3 China (0.75 million cartons)
4 United Arab Emirates
5 Japan
6 Saudi Arabia
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