Cashew is a fast growing evergreen tropical tree growing to 12 m height. It blossoms between November & January. Fruits ripen in two months. The cashew nuts hang at the bottom of the apple. The edible kernel has a shell outside.  The cashew apple contains five times more vitamin –C than an orange and contains more calcium, iron and vitamin B1 than citrus, avocados and bananas.
Soils & Climate
  • More suitable for sandy soils. Best in deep well drained sandy loams. Can’t grow on ill drained soils.
  • It is frost sensitive. Optimum monthly mean temperature is 25 degree centigrade . Can stand temperatures above 40 degrees centigrade. Annual rain fall of 1000 mm. is sufficient for production. 1500 – 2000 mm is optimal.
  • Has well developed root system. Can tolerate drought. Rain during flowering results in flower drop and diseases like Anthracnose and mildews
8 x 5 m spacing is adequate. Trees are vigorous growing.  Branches hanging on the ground should be removed.
70gm of Urea + 200 gm SSP / per plant per year of age . Can go up to 750 gm Urea and 2 kg SSP for tree.  Zinc deficiency normally occurs. Use 200 gm Zinc Oxide in 100 liters of water for foliar spray.
Both male and bisexual flowers are born in the same cluster. Pollination is by insects. After pollination it takes 6 – 8 weeks for the fruit to develop. The nut develops first and the apple enlarges 2 weeks later. Nuts to be harvested and dried.
Fruit bearing trees require 100 liters of water per day.
Cashew Profile Package of Practices - Seed Profile

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