BP Cashew Ulla Cashew v4 Cashew v6 Cashew
BP Cashew
(AP Maharastra)
Ulla1 Cashew
v4 Cashew
v6 Cashew
Varieties of Cashew Found In India
State Cultivators Recommended Progeny
Karnataka Selection 1 VTH-107/3
Selection 2 VTH-40/1
Ullal 1 8/46 Taliparamba
Ullal 2 3/67 Guntur
Ullal 3 5/37 Manjeri
Ullal 4 2/77 Tuni: Andhra
UN 50 2/27 Nileshwar
VRI 1 M-10/4
VRI 2 M-44/3
Vengurla 1 Ansur-1
Vengurla 4 Mid Red x Vetore 56
Chintamani 1 8/46 Taliparamba
Kerala Madakkathara 1 BLA-39-4
Madakkathara 2 NDR 2-1
K-22-1 22 Kottarakkara
Dhana ALGD-1-1 x K 30-1
Priyanka BLA-139-1 x K 30-1
Maharashtra and Goa Vengurla-1 Ansur-1
Vengurla-4 Mid Red x Vetore-56
Vengurla-6 Vetore 56 x Ansur-1
Tamil Nadu VRI-1 M 10/4
VRI-2 M 44/3
VRI-3 M 26/2
Andhra Pradesh BPP-4 EPM 9/8
BPP-6 T No.56
BPP-8 T No.1 x T No. 39
VRI-2 M 44/3
Orissa VRI-2 M 44/3
Bhubaneshvar-1 Vengurla 36/3
West Bengal Jhargram-1 T No. 16 of Bapatla
Madhya Pradesh T No. 40
Vengurla 4 Mid Red x Vetore-56
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