Do's & Don’ts in Cashew Production
  • Plant Cashew in eroding soils to reduce soil erosion and improving soil fertility
  • Plant only vegetatively propagated planting material from selected trees for consistent yields
  • For quick and large scale production of planting material adopt soft wood grafting
  • Perfect flowers which set fruit in cashew are a small fraction of the total flowering. Adopt varieties with high percentage of perfect flowers
  • For prevention of fruit drop spray NAA@ 10 PPM or 2,4-D@ 10 PPM.
  • Preventive sprays against T-mosquito and inflorescence blight helps in increasing cashew nut yields
  • Don’t plant cashew in ill drained and clayey soils
  • Don’t cultivate cashew where temperature drop below 20 degree cent grade for prolonged periods
  • Avoid cashew planting in regions having high rain fall during flowering and fruiting period
  • Don’t go in for seedling plantations
  • Avoid inter cropping with mango
  • Avoid spraying pesticides when the trees are in full bloom
  • Avoid spraying prohibited chemicals
Micro Irrigation & Fertigation Statistics

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