efresh News Desk is a leading web portal and one stop source of knowledge and information to all the stakeholders in the Food Supply Chain starting from the farmer – Farm to Fork approach, an initiative supported by NABARD.

Journey Towards Success:

eFresh Launched Farmers Development Centers,a Center of Excellance for Agriculture,Food Proccesing and Food safety at Guntur and Karimnagar.

  • Stake holders are in need of information and knowledge within the exclusive domain, which is until unavailable at a single platform.

  • As the focus starts from the farmer, it has become a challenge for eFresh to address the issues being faced by the poor farmersin receiving the knowledge on Good Agricultural Practices, etc.., for increasing the income on sustainable model.eFresh addressing the challenges faced by other stakeholders including large farmers through its web portal

Sustainable Model

  • eFresh is conceived as a sustainable revenue model , comprises of revenue from subscriptions, advertisements, trainings & consultancy services and income from Farmers Development Centers.


  • Reaching and Teaching the farmers at their Door step through Rythu Ratham Programs ( Mobile VAN)
  • Provision of Advisory Services to the Farmers – through Toll Free Number ( 1800 2666 208 ) Setting up of Farmers Development Centres in important crop production centres

Other Stakeholders:

Through eFresh Internet Platform ( )

  • Internet based platforms are being increasingly used for dissemination of knowledge and information. While India inching towards 13% internet penetration with about 160 million users, nearly 40% of the global population or 2.7 billion people are already online in 2013 according to the International Tele communication Union.
    India is the world’s third largest Internet user after China and the United States,Google is by far the most popular search engine, accounting for 90 per cent of all searches in India.
  • The number of Internet users in India is expected to nearly triple from 125 million in 2011 to 330 million by 2016 and this rise in Internet penetration will lead to increase in digital influence on people's decisions.
  • Government is speeding up broadband connectivity with Wi-Fi hotspots in 2.5 lakhs Gram panchayats out of 6, 01,625 villages by 2014.

Why eFresh started this initiative?

  • Considering the potential of the platform to reach millions of the users, eFresh started its journey with focus on the stake holders within the exclusive domain of food supply chain, which until now was unavailable in the market place.

Key Sections in the Portal:

  • Market Linkage Platform - with visibility of Food Safety certified Suppliers for organicand other Food Products
  • Farm Machinery Info Bank -First of its kind in the market place with Farm Machinery Info bank .
  • Dairy - Knowledge on Dairy Farm Management, Processing and other vital activities are covered.
  • Tenders- “All Live commercial Tenders at One Place” – In the Domain of Agriculture, Food Processing, Food Safety and Solar Energy
  • Solar- First of its kind in the market place on Harnessing Solar Energy for Agriculture, Household, etc..
  • e-Learning Platform -First of its kind with globally recognized Food Safety standards for Agriculture and Food Processing Sector

Other Information:

  • Information on Daily Market Prices, Weather Reports, Govt. support schemes, New Technologies, New crop varieties, Crops related sections, Crop insurance, Micro Irrigation, Watershed Management, Plastic Mulching, NPM, Green Houses, Cold Storages, Organic Farming, Success Stories of the Farmers, Procedures related to Exports and Imports, Videos on Success stories of the farmers is provided in the platform.

Farmers Development Centers(FDC):

  • To Reach the Farmers in Important Crop Production Centres.
  • Conceived as an adjunct of eFresh to convert the vast e-Agricultural knowledge and technology gathered through the eFresh web portal for dissemination of knowledge through FDCs
  • It is a One Stop Shop for the Farmers and all the Stake Holders in the Agri Supply Chain with various facilities, services and retail sales related to agriculture and food processing coming up in important crop production centers across India.
  • As a first step two centers are opened in Andhra Pradesh – Guntur, Karimnagar and progressively others centers will be covered in A.P and other states.


  • Beneficiaries of eFresh platform include Farmers Clubs, Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies, NGOs, SHGs, Consumers
  • Food Processors, and Farm Machinery Suppliers, other manufacturers including Solar Energy Products, Suppliers of Inputs, Traders, Exporters and Importers.

“Get connected to eFresh and enhance your knowledge and business, become part of Global Agri Supply Chain”

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