• India is one of the world’s major Fiber Crops producing country. Among the Fiber Crops Cotton is called King of apparel fibers due to its wear quality. India is the third in production of cotton after China and USA. Cottons production has been drastically increased from 3.04 million Tons (1950 -51) to 25.81 Million Tons (2007 -08) (Source: Planning Commission, GOI).
  • The total area under cotton cultivation has been increased from 5.88 Million Ha (1950 -51) to 9.43 Million Ha (2007 – 08).
  • The important Fibers in the Indian context are – Cotton, Jute and mesta.
  • Directorate of Cotton Development, under the Ministry of Agriculture, Directorate of Agriculture & Corporation (DAC) head quartered at Mumbai is responsible for monitoring the cotton development scheme in different States in the Country (
  • eFresh's objective - The information on India's leading position in Fibers especially in cotton, will facilitate the Indian farmers and other stakeholders for focusing on the increased activity in cotton production.

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